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High immigrations and a significant decrease of Canadian Economy

  The Shifting Demographics of Canada Amidst Economic Challenges Canada Canada, a nation known for its vast landscapes and diverse cultures, is undergoing a transformative journey in its demographic makeup with increased immigration, coupled with the challenges posed by a decreasing economy . In this article, we delve into the intricate details of how the changing demographics are interplaying with economic shifts, shaping the very fabric of Canadian society. The Dynamics of Canada's Demographic Transformation Population Growth and Migration Canada has long been celebrated as a melting pot of cultures, with immigration playing a pivotal role in its growth. However, the demographics are now witnessing a noteworthy shift. The influx of immigrants, once a primary driver of population growth, is experiencing subtle changes. The latest census data reveals a recalibration in the geographical distribution of newcomers, influencing the cultural tapestry of various regions. moreover, the in

A short history of Bharat (why it should be renamed from India to Bharat)... HOW KNOWLEDGE WAS DESTROYED...

  Bharat M any years ago and land called Bharat exist in which people called Aryan was living this land was full of knowledge ethics and Science.... a land of brilliant people and richest land on the planet but money was not given such a important but the most valuable thing was the knowledge, ethics and the character of the persons living here... there was almost no crime...everyone was living peacefully happily and following the Vedas with are the most valuable an d oldest book ever found on the planet which is full of ancient science...exist in Bharat the people of Bharat was so brilliant that they can easily surpass this modern type of Mathematics Science and Architecture Engineering and many other field but the only mistake the people living here make was thought the world was there friend and also the people here was so brave and great personalities that didn't cheat and fight with ethics  in battlefield with anyone... for outsiders especially Islamic rulers to win this land